Jakatan The Earthman

In Development

Jakatan the Earthman


A 52 minutes Film written by Marie Claire Javoy and Philippe Moreau


Synopsis: His stance is slightly fierce but modest, his frame athletic but peaceful. His uncompromising gaze is magnificent, lighting up a wizened face with boney traits. With his grey dreadlocks, hanging like vines and his long knotted up beard covering his face and touching his legs, he looks like an old Rasta, but actually this only reveals his attachment to his African roots. His   physical appearance only gives away part of his personality. This sixty eight year old, dry and dark body, tells a long and rough story.

An extraordinary story.

Between human society and wilderness, Jakatan has chosen. He is a free man who cherishes and respects nature.

“We have to help life”.

 This film is the unpublished portrait of a charismatic and fascinating, extraordinary man. An islander who has never left his land, Trinidad, the southern island of the Caribbean chain, opposite Venezuela. Gravitating around this unique and rebellious character will enable us to reflect on a wider vision of the cardinal problems of our society.


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