3 Canal

Caribbean Music Group

They are 3canal and the three of them make up this group of singers from Trinidad and Tobago, the big English speaking island of the West Indies, where Calypso was invented well before Reggae.

3Canal are inspired by Carnival, and every year, their hit songs pulsate on the sound systems of Port of Spain.  It is in the ritual of the Carnival that the group finds the energy necessary to create and have been developing for years their unique blend of music: Rapso, the Rap of Calypso.

They describe this new style as “the power of the word in the rhythm of the word”, rhythm and rhyme, and sing the Caribbean music of today: Urban and Soul.  A rootical and modern music, integrating the electronic beats and digital technology to their natural Soul and Reggae chant. From Reggae, 3Canal enjoy the positive vibration and the universal spiritual message.  From Soul music, the heritage of black culture and the emotion that is shared.

Demanding authors and singers – the texts of their songs deliver a message of love, often mystical, poetical or political but always deep – 3Canal are also formidable performers:  their appearances on the American stages or the Nottinghill Carnival have left strong impressions. 3Canal belong to this new generation of avant guard Trinidad artists whose conceptual process goes through the cross breeding of their music.