Frère Carnaval

In Development

A 52 minute film written and directed by Arnaud Gobin.

On this side of the Mediterranean, Nice and its centenary carnival which attracts nearly a million visitors for all its free and paid events … and thousands of kilometers away, at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, Trinidad A small tropical paradise where in the same period a people ignites in the exuberance of steel-bands and calypso and socarhythms. Beyond the mere appointment festive and popular, what can well unite these two priori carnivals so different and yet more alike than it seems? The essence of these joint celebrations to all continents, as they seem to have no spatial boundary? Their spirited ancestors? Their effrontery? Children or their respective claims made ​​social and political satires that one draws on the roots of slavery and the other in the heart of transalpine impertinence?

To answer these questions, we have chosen to immerse three ambassadors Nice in history, preparation and backstage at the Trinidad Carnival.  Carnival Brothers is a film of human encounters and exchanges around cultural and artistic complicity components of these two events. One by enabling “mirror effect” to better understand the soul and the privacy of others and go and draw from the roots of the universality of the carnival.

Producers;  Philippe Djivas – Dynamo Productions/ Jean Michel Gibert – Maturity Productions