A Thirst For Rain

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A Thirst for Rain



“A Thirst For Rain” is told with simplicity and compassion.  At its heart is the story of a young single mother and her teenaged daughter, who both find themselves pregnant at the same time.  Struggling in the void left by irresponsible lovers and absentee fathers, they must cope with their predicament and explore the mother-daughter bond in the wake of such a devastating event.

Within the confines of a ramshackle “yard” in the outskirts of the city of Port-of-Spain, these women find love in the most unlikely of people: a crippled ex-stickfighter and an abused teenaged boy.

It is only when these strong lonely people learn to depend on each other, and to offer and to accept trust, that they find a way to quench their desperate thirst for love and wholeness.   When the wholeness finally comes, it comes like the tropical rain, washing away dusty fear and longing, filling aching spaces, offering revival and, ultimately, new life.


“A Thirst For Rain – the stage will be washed clean but the strains of Carrington’s powerful redemption song will linger” – The New York Times Book Review.