Re-Percussions: Our African Odyssey

Maturity Productions

Re-Percussions: PAN! Our African Odyssey is the story of the steelpan, which evolved from the drum, which African slaves brought, and is today a completely different orchestral instrument. It was taken by Trinidadians to the Festival of Black Arts in 1977, held in Lagos, Nigeria, when it enthralled a young boy, Bowie Sonie Bowei. He never forgot and 25 years later Bowie has dedicated his lift to propagating the steelpan in Nigeria. But it’s not so easy: first he has to learn the difficult craft of making the instrument, and thenĀ penetrate the indifference of the society. The solution he opts for is to target the children, but can he succeed?


Re-Percussions: PAN! Our African Odyssey winnerĀ – Best Trinidad and Tobago Feature Film Documentary at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2015 (TTFF/15)

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